Love More

I wrote this blog a couple of days ago, but the Internet was not working. Right now we’d appreciate your prayers as we travel from Cusco to Lima to Dallas– we did receive our passports on time. Thank you, God!

Every day something makes me thankful for my mom’s life. Today is the anniversary of her death, so of course I’m thinking about her more than usual. I love this verse from 1 Thessalonians 1:3 which always reminds me of her attitude: “We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I’m not old, but as I mature and our kids grow into people needing a different kind of care and our lives shift a bit, I have gained insight into how my mom’s joie de vivre was so inspirational. It seemed like she was always growing and changing and enjoying things more and more, which does not seem like the normal pattern of most people as they age. My mom embraced life and all the people around her with a bear hug. She really was being transformed from one glory to another… a promise we too can claim.

As we have been processing coming back to the States and anticipating giving some “presentations” or talks about these two years in Peru, I have been prayerfully considering what changes have taken place in my spirit. Am I being transformed? If so, in what specific ways? There is a lot that has not changed, there are several sins and failings that have come to the surface, plenty of dross has been revealed, but I know that as a result of living here, I love more.

I love Jesus more.
I love the Bible more.
I love Will more.
I love my kids more.
I love Peru more.
I love America more.
I love the church more.
I love the world more.
I love the poor more.
I love the rich more.
I love the mountains more.
I love the rain more.
I love flowers more.
I love the testimony of believers more.
I love cooking more.
I love junior high kids more.
I love Germans more.
I love lentils more.
I love books more.
I love missionaries more.
I love cultures more.
I love learning more.
I love prayer more.

In the spirit of Margaret and our Lord Jesus, love more!

6 thoughts on “Love More

  1. Perfect and well said, sister. Margaret’s go- get’em attitude and can do spirit still encourage and inspire me daily. I’m a different person bc of her diligently loving me through Christ. And praise God for the beauty of transformation! Let it be our story and and our song.


  2. Love the picture — it is so Margaret! Love the words — they are challenging, inspirational, and glorifying to Jesus. I am sure your mother is smiling in joyous admiration for all the facets of transformation that are revealed in you.


  3. You have always wanted to be known for your love and for your love you are known! Yes, Margaret was so good @ this and all who knew her were changed by it! May we grow in the most important things day after you!


  4. Oh….I loved this. Seeing Margaret’s joy and reading your words are a highlight to my day. Blessings on your time back in the States, Andrea


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