Going Downhill

It took me about five times longer to get up to this point than it took me to get back down to our house.  I walked into our courtyard (after terrifying myself going down a trail I did not have the skill to go down), sat down, and thanked God that I get to live in this beautiful place and that I was still in one piece.

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Getting ready to go down.

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2 thoughts on “Going Downhill

  1. I am glad you do not have to fly back to US of A with a cast on your leg! “His mercies are new every morning!” but please don’t try that again…at least for a while.


  2. Hi Will and Allison–I am thrilled that you will be back in town soon. We hope that we can see you and be able to spend sometime catching up! I know that there are many people who love you and will be vying for your time, so let us know if we can come to you where ever you are to make it easy for you. The Hoags miss the Caires!
    ❤️ Laura


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