Lima Guesthouse Soon?

Maybe the transition through Lima on our way to Curahuasi is about to get a little bit easier.

One stop in Lima


The advantages are obvious

For a few years, we have been considering an idea. Since Diospi Suyana has grown to a considerable size, it would make sense to have a private guest house in Lima. New missionaries could be picked up and welcomed at the airport. During their first days in Peru, the new arrivals could have a safe home. A couple of Diospi Suyana employees would take care of the house and also take a part in administrative procedures. Our staff in the capital would also help with important purchases for the hospital and the school.

The house would be within a radius of 30 minutes from the airport, and would include several rooms, a small backyard, a conference room, a garage and a garden. When and where, we do not know, but many would benefit from a home in the 8-million-metropolis.

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