Failing to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

My boys and I helped the family from across the street move into a new house on this alley a few blocks from our house.  I had some mixed feelings about this.  The kids in this family came and begged every night for food.  It seemed they alway knocked on the gate while we were eating our dinner.  Skinny kids begging for food while we sat at our table of plenty. The oldest boy especially would insist on us taking special care of him.  For example one day he came to tell me it was his birthday, and he wanted to know what I was going to give him.  I told him that giving him a gift was not an obligation of mine, but something I would do if I wanted to demonstrate my friendship. This was about 1 week after he had come to the house with a 10 sol bill wrapped really tight asking for change.  When I unrolled the bill it was ripped which basically makes it worthless in Curahuasi.  He was trying to trick me; basically he was trying to rob me.  The mother was a drunk, and more than once I would hear her son come screaming out of the house while she chased him throwing rocks at him.  She has a big fat pig, yet her kids miss meals.  They were a daily reminder of how little I really know about how to love my neighbor.  Now they are gone.  And I am relieved, but I also feel like maybe I failed to be their friend.

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1 thought on “Failing to Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

  1. So hard to figure all that out! But I know you all do love your neighbors well! Praying for wisdom as you face these difficult situation. Love you all!


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