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WE ARE COMING HOME . . . For Allison and Will it definitely feels like coming home, but for our kids it is a little bit more confusing.  Sarah has never attended an American school.  All the kids except for David have had more years in Peruvian schools than they had in their much beloved Scofield Christian School.  And yet we are all excited about these upcoming months in the US!  The kids are excited to see their cousins and grandparents.  They are excited to experience a taste of America and see what Mom and Dad are so excited about.  Allison and Will are glad for a time of rest in a culture that is familiar, with easy access to comfort food and modern conveniences. Will is especially glad to speak English all the time.  And we are all excited to spend time with as many of you as possible.

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Going Downhill

It took me about five times longer to get up to this point than it took me to get back down to our house.  I walked into our courtyard (after terrifying myself going down a trail I did not have the skill to go down), sat down, and thanked God that I get to live in this beautiful place and that I was still in one piece.

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Getting ready to go down.

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Lima Guesthouse Soon?

Maybe the transition through Lima on our way to Curahuasi is about to get a little bit easier.

One stop in Lima


The advantages are obvious

For a few years, we have been considering an idea. Since Diospi Suyana has grown to a considerable size, it would make sense to have a private guest house in Lima. New missionaries could be picked up and welcomed at the airport. During their first days in Peru, the new arrivals could have a safe home. A couple of Diospi Suyana employees would take care of the house and also take a part in administrative procedures. Our staff in the capital would also help with important purchases for the hospital and the school.

The house would be within a radius of 30 minutes from the airport, and would include several rooms, a small backyard, a conference room, a garage and a garden. When and where, we do not know, but many would benefit from a home in the 8-million-metropolis.

Prayer Request

Would you please pray with me as I ask God to take away my migraine headaches? As many of you know, headaches like this often come in clusters. This has been my experience and, thank the Lord, I usually go through a cluster and then emerge into the light on the other side, mostly free of migraines for a year or more. I am asking God to end this period of headaches right away. Thanks so much for caring about our family. We feel loved across the miles.

Growing Old

Some things really stink about growing old:  loss of strength and flexibility, loss of ability to eat whatever you want without getting fat, loss of stamina, and general aches and pains.  I was faced with some of my mortality this past weekend when we took a short trip to some local mountains.  We visited Salcantay which is about two hours from our house.  We did not attempt to climb the mountain as it is technically difficult and over 20,000 feet in elevation.  However we did try and reach some snow and visit a beautiful glacier-fed lake that is nearby.  My kids were excited to see the snow and practically ran up the mountain while Allison and I tarried behind a little bit.  My heart rate reached a brisk 180 beats per minute as I simply walked up a very steep incline at 14,000 feet.  We reached an altitude of somewhere around 14,250 feet where my kids ran around throwing snowballs while I sat on my rear so that my heart would pump more efficiently and my lightheadedness would go away.  It is something to be at your physical limit and watch your seven year old go running up a steep mountain way ahead of you!  So that is the bad news of growing old.  But of course there are good parts of growing old!  You are wiser, smarter, and hopefully more refined by the Holy Spirit if you are a Christian.  As you grow in knowledge and wisdom of God you see your perspective change so that the things of earth become less meaningful and the things of heaven grow more important.  These sinful, fallen bodies decay while our reborn Christian minds and spirits grow and expand.  In the future lies something better than the past, and our broken bodies should not hide this truth from us!

Getting started.  All the kids have started running up the mountain to reach the snow you see behind us.

Getting started. All the kids have started running up the mountain to reach the snow you see behind us.

Standing at 14,000 feet.  All four of my kids have already run over the ridge behind me.

Standing at 14,000 feet. All four of my kids have already run over the ridge behind me.

How much further.

How much further.

Family picture at the lake!  So pretty!

Family picture at the lake! So pretty!

Coming Home

Did you know we will be in the United States this fall and winter? We are excited, and the idea of seeing grandparents and cousins as well as American convenience, restaurants, and movies tend to dominate our dinner conversations. If you would like to get together, let us know. We want to see as many people as possible while we are home. We will be in Texas most of the time traveling from the panhandle to the southern tip. We will also be traveling through parts of Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, California, and even the kingdom of Duck Dynasty on our way to Mississippi. Send us a message, and lets get together!