Child Sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsoring a child a Colegio Diospi Suyana, please let us know.  We can help make the contacts that you need to help some of the poor kids in Curahausi attend what we believe to be the best school in the region.  And all this great teaching will be in a Christian environment.  The best work we are doing is with the young people in Curahuasi as we try to show them Christ in our lives.  Read this note from the Diospi Suyana Hospital webpage.

“My sponsor has a husband and three children…”


A report by Carolin Klett

“Wow, my sponsor has only two children.” “My sponsor is alone; she has neither husband nor children.” “I have quite a lot of sponsors—an entire company, in fact.” “A whole company? Wow, Rosa has a whole company of sponsors.” “I’m sponsored by an entire class.” “We have the same sponsor.” “My sponsors sent me a letter and a photo.” “Mine too—look, here’s the picture.” “My sponsor is named Julia.” “I don’t remember my sponsor’s name—it was so funny.” “What was my sponsor’s last name? I’ve forgotten it.”

I was able to witness many such conversations last week, when all students of Diospi Suyana who attend on scholarship received a letter from their sponsor. In Curahuasi, people almost never actually get letters, so this was a special experience for the children.

Many children have scarcely stopped talking about their sponsors. One big question has been, “Can my sponsors come to Curahuasi? I would like to get to know them.”

Thanks to all the sponsors who make it possible for 70 children from poor families to attend our school. These children’s parents and we as a school are grateful for your support!

We are thankful to have more than enough sponsors for poor children in the community—there is even a sponsor waiting list. Again and again I am asked, “Why does the school not take more children from poor families?” The problem, however, is that these children often require more support, both from within the school and in their communities. The teachers offer tutoring in the afternoon for struggling students, but they are limited in the amount of help they can give. In addition, there are unfortunately many parents from poor families who have come to terms with their poverty and choose to rely on free handouts rather than working themselves. But at school, we expect to work with the parents, so that the child can really have success in school. Some parents are simply not willing to make such a commitment. That is why we are looking for families who are motivated to change their situation.

For many children, it is a privilege to have a sponsor, which allows them to receive a quality education. One girl put it this way: “I’m going to learn a lot, so that my sponsor will be proud of me.” One boy writes: “Thank you, God, that you have given me a sponsor.”

Thanks to all the sponsors! Thanks also to all those who pray for their child and for the school in general. Your prayers are very important because many students have school and family problems. Prayer is powerful.

Letters of thanks to the sponsors overseas.

Letters of thanks to the sponsors overseas.


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