Prayer Groups

In this post from the Diospi Suyana Hospital, they acknowledge once again that we are depending on God for our sustenance.  This is so important, and so easily forgotten.  Every part of me wants to be self reliant, not needing anything; and every part of me wants some assurance that things will be OK and that someone will take care of things because I realize I cannot do it on my own.  This dichotomy of thought plagues the Christian life for many, and we need God to help us sort thought it.  But through all our confusing and dual-minded thoughts, we can pray and trust God to work it out.  These women pray for our school especially, and I trust that it makes a difference.  Please keep praying for us.

Wednesday morning at 9 o’clock: It will be interesting


A secret society of women

For 5 years, a group of mothers has met in private homes in Curahuasi to pray together. On Wednesday mornings, 5 to 10 women leave their daily tasks for an hour to engage in a focused prayer time. Praying all together or in smaller groups, they ask God to provide for their children and families, for the needs of the mission hospital, and for the concerns of the school. They also pray for the Diospi Suyana staff and patients, as well as the many children of the village.

No one can measure what a positive influence these meetings have had over the past few years. Being in the presence of God brings rest, strength, and blessing.


2 thoughts on “Prayer Groups

  1. What a precious group and precious memories, and precious work being done through prayer. may never know the ripple effects those prayers will do in many peoples lives.!!


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