Are You Interested in Missions?

We need specific help in several areas.  One is in the area of education.  We need teachers for the mission school who are trained in the US or Europe. A volunteer needs to speak Spanish, so that is one hurdle.  You need to be a Christian as well.  However, if you are interested in a challenging, cross cultural, Christian experience for a couple years, we have the place for you in Colegio Diospi Suyana.  Every year we are adding a grade level, so high school opportunities will be here soon.  You will teach in Spanish, and you can have your own classroom or work in tandem with a Peruvian teacher.  Also if you want to come and you don’t speak Spanish or lack confidence in the language, you can help with tutoring the English speaking missionary kids in their English language and cultural classes.  Allison does it all right now, including helping teaching English to native spanish speakers and substituting in other areas (right now as the math teacher in the junior high classes).  Our kids and others need help to be prepared for American universities and high schools on their return to the States.  We are doing the best we can, but we really could use your help.  If you came to help tutor, you would still have half of your day free to work on your Spanish language skills and to help in some of the social ministries that are going on around the community.

Also we need help in the hospital.  All physicians, nurses, and technicians are needed.  The requirements are that you are a Christian and that you speak Spanish.  We really want your help long term!

Send us a message if this sounds like the place you should be!  Let us talk.

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