Unexpected Visits Lead to Unexpected Blessings

We got an email a couple weeks ago from a friend who wanted to come for a visit!  It was Ryan Blucker, a friend from our carefree days at Abilene Christian University.  It is always good to have another wildcat in Apurimac . . . we already had five of us in these lonely mountains.  I dare to say ACU is the most represented American university in this part of Peru.  So we were eager for number six to arrive.  It was a great blessing for him to be here as he encouraged us and laughed with us about some of the funny things about life in C-town.  I did not remember that he is a child psychologist, and really an expert in helping to try and break the cycle of family violence.  He is a fluent Spanish speaker, and he already works in  Central America, specifically Honduras and Guatemala, in efforts to try and help alleviate the suffering that comes in these broken societal structures.  His job at the University of Oklahoma allows him to take time away from work to travel and help.  Ryan had been in Lima presenting to a conference of Latin American psychologists, and while there he made a little time to fly out to Curahausi to see us in our humble home.  When I was reminded of the work he does, I was very eager for him to meet with the leaders of the school to see if he would be able to help.  I think the meeting went well, and there might be possibilities for the future.  Who knows?  Maybe God has a purpose in this short visit that could pay dividends in the future for the people of Curahuasi!

Ryan Bluker on Capitan Rumi

Ryan Blucker on Capitan Rumi

While here we took him to the local swimming hole.  I think he may have more respect for our biting flies.  Never forget the bug spray!

Paying the price

Paying the price

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