We have had two very nice witnesses with us this summer.  When I talk about witnesses, I am referring to the World Wide Witness program that is a class on missions at Abilene Christian University.  In this class students learn about missions, and then they do a practicum where they spend time with missionaries in the field.  We had two witnesses last summer who were great!  And we have not been disappointed with the two fun witnesses we have had this time around.  It has been a little different for them, as it feels like the summer has been a little bit crazy and busy, but we trust that God gives them what they need in each moment to grow in their faith and in their understanding of the mission life.  I thought it might be nice to give a little publicity to their blog which is called Hasta los Confines de la Tierra.  Click the blog name to go see what they have had to say about their experiences over the last 5 weeks.  Here is a picture of Allison with Natalie and Haley that I stole from their blog.  It was taken on a recent trip to Cuzco where they bonded and bought hippie backpacker pants.

Allison, Natalie, and Haley

Allison, Natalie, and Haley

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