Social Work Help Needed

We need help with the social support in our school and hospital.  There is a huge need in in our little town of Curahuasi and in other parts of Peru.  Many times I will see patients in the hospital, and as we talk I know that there are no resources available to them to help their problems.  Peru has a basic social safety net, but it is rudimentary at best in the rural areas.  Yet people like Carolin understand what is available, and even more, they have the training to help in areas where help is not available.  Do you know someone trained in social work who would be interested in helping in a very challenging, but also rewarding cross cultural setting in Peru?

Social work is a top priority

Carolin-Klett-in-Klasse-slider-900x459Carolin Klett: Improving morale at Diospi Suyana

While many schools in Germany are looking for school psychologists and social workers, the Diospi Suyana school has a highly qualified staff member in these areas with Carolin Klett. She takes care of the needs of students, organizes their admissions process, and trains parents in supporting their children. She works on social behavior of children with fun and educational games. The students even had the opportunity to engage in extensive correspondence with over 60 sponsors in Germany, the US, and Peru. All these different activities require a high degree of maturity of character and strength. Since some social problems are unsolvable, Carolin relies on the power of prayer. When asked, she prays with parents and children for God’s blessing.

Social work is especially difficult when children have been brought up in a negative environment. When parents neglect their duties, their children typically lack discipline, punctuality and efficiency. Despite all their efforts, teachers can hardly compensate for the shortcomings of their students. Our hope is that this initial phase of social work at Diospi Suyana will improve educational opportunities for children from poor families, both now and in the future.

We urgently need more social workers who have a genuine interest in long-term service at Diospi Suyana. Please help us in this search with your prayers.

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