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What you eat when you are served lunch out in the country.  Potatoes are served with basically every meal, but this time all we had was potatoes.

I gave the communion thoughts at church and was caught scratching my bottom or my back.  I really think it was my back, but either way this picture is a reminder to me to grab the podium and to not let go.  I am also thankful for my little church that will allow me to say something now or then in my imperfect spanish.

This young girl has been taking Phenytoin or Dilantin to treat seizure disorder for 15 years.  This medicine occasionally causes overgrowth of the gums.  If this young lady does not take her medicine she has convulsions.  It is a tough place to find yourself.  The dentists told me that if she can keep it clean it should prevent further growth, and they can do a resection of her gums, then check them every few months to keep the overgrowth in control.

Finally got to take the kids camping with our new tent that we purchases from the Wright family as they moved back to the US.  We are thankful to them for selling it to us, although we would rather have them nearby than the tent.  Can you believe this view is from a ridge we can see from our backyard, and that it is only about a 20 minute drive from our house.  It was fun to camp, but I was exhausted afterwards because a group of cows came around our campsite and kept licking the tent.  It is an unusual sound to hear your tent licked by a cow, and it is not one that allows sleep to come easily.

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A night on Capitan Rumi.

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