Planning Tourist Trips Around Cuzco

Working around the table.

Working around the table.

We have a couple students from ACU living with us as part of the World Wide Witness program.  They deserve a post longer than they will get tonight.  They are helping us a lot, and we are helping them plan their trip to Macchu Picchu and the Sacred Valley.  If you come to see us, we will do the same for you.

2 thoughts on “Planning Tourist Trips Around Cuzco

  1. Will and Allison:

    I hope you guys are doing well! It’s been great keeping up with you via your blog and Instagram. It looks like you guys are enjoying serving the Lord in Peru.

    I wanted to contact you briefly about the possibility of coming and visiting next summer of 2016 with a group of students for a service trip. I teach IB Spanish and am in charge of CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) hours as well. We’ve been wanting to visit you guys but haven’t been able to afford it. We thought that we might be able to organize a school trip with students which would help them get hours they need and to get out of Allen but also for us to get to see you guys again!

    What we are thinking is doing a 5 day trip touring the sacred valley with a company called Explorica, but then arranging a 4-5 day trip to visit you guys in which we could help out in some form (painting, playing with kids, etc.), anything that would help for the kids. I can arrange pretty much everything from here, but I just need to know if that’s something that you’re willing to do. I might need a hand with finding a place to stay and food, but can arrange the rest.

    Would that work for you guys? If not, please don’t worry, I just need to start planning now so that we can organize the trip details so that students can sign up. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully we get to see you soon! God bless!


    • Jordan, we have something called Project Week at the school. It is always in June and I think that might be a really good time to come. It is usually the first or second week in June, and I actually think it was going on the same time as your most recent paseo with your students. The school does not usually plan that far ahead as far as timing, but let me see if I can get some information. Allison sponsored a New York project this year. Maybe your students with your help could do a Texas project!? If it doesn’t work to come that week, we can find work for you. Plan on coming!


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