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Below is a picture of a poor boy who was burned with gasoline a  year ago and has developed a terrible keloid.  I am afraid there is not much you can do for a keloid this developed, but I will send the photo to some friends who may be able to give an opinion on surgical options.


The last trip we made to Cuzco I visited a mission clinic run by Americans called La Fuente.  They are focused on outreach to medical students with the hope that by introducing them to faith in Jesus Christ they can have impact for the sake of the gospel.  A Christian Peruvian physician who really gets it can make a huge difference, bigger than we can ever make as foreigners.  Pictured below is Nathan Wilson, a pediatrician working in the clinic giving instructions to one of their medical students.


The following is a picture of our friend from language school, Chris Raber, preaching to the church he attends in Cuzco.  He did a great job, and I love hearing stories about the work he is doing as he works at La Fuente clinic as a physical therapist and makes trips into the mountains to plant churches and encourage the isolated believers.  You probably know that in the jungles of Peru there are un-contacted tribes that have no interaction with the modern world.  In these rugged mountains there are small pueblos that have almost as little contact and have never heard the Christian message.  Please pray for people like Chris who are going out to these lonely groups.


Peru had a national earthquake drill.  Everyone in the country participated at the same time.  We were ready in the hospital, and gathered in the designated zones of safety.

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Earthquake evacuation drill at the hospital.

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There are lots of trout farms scattered around this part of Peru.  We visited this one outside of Cuzco.  When Sarah was very little, she wanted to be a fish saver as a profession.  That desire persisted as she encouraged the fish to save themselves as they harvested them from the little ponds.

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