Our Favorite Teacher

Working hard with a smile!

Working hard with a smile!

Above is the happiest, hard-working missionary in Curahuasi.  Maybe, just maybe, there may be some that work harder, but they are not happier.  Allison is finishing up her first trimester teaching English to the Peruvian kids in the middle school ages at Colegio Diospi Suyana.  It has been rewarding and tough.  There are struggles here in education that you do not commonly have back home, but that makes the small victories even more meaningful.  She is also in training to take over the bread making duties for all the Diospi Suyana missionaries.  Every Tuesday you can find her at the hospital cafeteria as the sun rises, weighing her ingredients as her friend Konika works on passing the baton of bread making to the newest baker in Curahuasi.  And she still teaches American history and English to the kids!  She is a champ!  The school starts a one week break tomorrow, and I know Curahuasi’s best teacher is ready for the rest.


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