Thanks for new jobs

I have been an absent blog contributor, maybe more than normal, but I am thankful to the Lord that it is not due to a lack of things to write about nor a mild depression, and not wanting to talk about what’s on my mind, but rather a good season of increased productivity and re-ordering of days. I am really enjoying teaching junior high ESL.  Who knew?  I like having access to fresh insights into the culture, getting to know some of these wonderful kids, having a new role in the school and in town, and dredging up some old skills and experience to help me in this new job.  I am thankful for this new opportunity and the way it is pushing me.  In my class, we try to memorize a verse together over a couple of weeks, and this week, because we are studying food, it is Psalm 17:8 “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me under the shadow of your wings.”  What a privilege to tell these kids every class time that they are precious to God, to explain what it means that they are each the apple of God’s eye. Another new venture is that I am training to take over the bread making from my friend Konika.  It is ironic that two American chicks make German-type bread for the Germans at the hospital.  We are thinking of expanding our offerings over the next couple of weeks and seeing if people want to buy other kinds of bread as well.  Learning a new skill in a big industrial kitchen and spending hours with one of my favorite people is a real joy. Please forgive the self-centered nature of this little blog post.  God is good to give us new challenges and experiences, to call us forth into different service to His name and I want to say “thanks” publicly.  Praise Him for providing such a supportive family and small things like a manageable house in town, less commute, a good housekeeper, older kids, and the right timing to be able to branch out.

2 thoughts on “Thanks for new jobs

  1. Ally, So sweet to “hear your voice!” I’m delighted to read about your new joys in the work God is giving you. I also really appreciated Will’s post a couple of weeks ago about the faith challenges and struggles of your work and life there. Your posts spur me on in prayer. I never weary of seeing “cairesinperu” show up in my inbox. Much love to you.


  2. Yes, it is great to hear from you again, Allison, and so good to know that you are finding pleasure in your new responsibilities. I know you will miss Konika but how wonderful for you both to have each other these last two years.


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