Images from the World Capital of Anise – From Diospi Suyana

Here are some photos from the hospital website.  The fields around Curahuasi change colors throughout the year until they reach a color of brown around September at the end of the dry season.  Then the farmers start lighting fires as a sacrifice to the earth gods and in a superstitious attempt to get rain.  It is a blessing when the rain comes, because by then we will have had months without it, fields burning, and the air filled with smoke.  As October moves into November, the rain cleans the air and everything starts to become green again, and the fields start their transformation of colors.

Images from the World Capital of Anise


Agriculture is the main source of income in Curahuasi

The fields dominate the panorama of Curahuasi.  Anise, flax seed, quinoa, corn, wheat, and potatoes are among the most important crops.  But its just a matter of time until some of these areas will be covered with houses.  At the edges of the city one can see this taking place in a rather wild and disorderly way.  The biggest reason for this boom in construction is Hospital Diospi Suyana.  Each year more families are moving to the area to be a part of the economic stimulus the hospital provides.

However, the steep slopes should remain green… or brown, depending on the season.

Peaceful fields around Curahuasi

Peaceful fields around Curahuasi

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