Being Missed

Our new neighbors, but old Curahuasi friends, Stephen and Finley Wright, are a huge part of this new little barrio in which we live.  Stephen has a real gift for kids, with himself being young at heart and full of energy.  He is also a runner, and just under two years ago when he arrived he started running with the neighborhood kids.  This little group grew into a running club called Corre Curahausi, a group of kids ranging from very young to some adults who run every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Then every couple months there is an official race, with a banner, music, finish line, and awards.  Stephen shares a small devotional before the runs and then the kids go for it with all their might.  And boy can they run!  Flat out they go at 9000 feet elevation!  These kids start gathering outside Stephen and Finley’s house about two hours before each run, eager to be a part of something.  I am so challenged by the example of love that this family has given to our community, and I am also motivated to try a little love experiment, reaching out even when it is not comfortable, so that these kids can come to know the love of God!  The Wrights leave in just a few weeks.  Everyone is really going to miss them, and none of us can take their place.  But hopefully we can fill the gap in part.  Thank you Wright Family for all you have done!  You will be missed.

The Wright family mission their newest addition, Emmaline, whom I a had the honor of delivering here in Curahuasi!

The Wright family before their newest addition, Emmaline, whom I a had the honor of delivering here in Curahuasi!

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