School Building Project Report

We had Johannes, the new engineer, and his future wife Angela to our home Saturday night to play Dominion and Splendor.  As well we ate some American hamburgers and enjoyed some fun conversation.  We are thankful for Johannes as he works to get the school building project completed.  It is a blessing to have him here.  Here is his most recent report from the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

Building Number 9 Completed at the School


Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, this message may even be a surprise to the architects.  They really only drew us plans for eight buildings, however, for the school garden we added a small bamboo hut to help with the “jungle” feel.  The roof is made of grass, imitating the material they used to use.  I think we have done a pretty good job, even without an architects plan.

The green areas are now finally ready and we have even a small campfire ring in the corner.  The grass is improving on the sports field, but unfortunately isn’t growing as well as it should.  It seems to be doing better now with some improved soil.

We were able to add some soil to this area because we had to remove good soil from the new building site.  This means a lot of hard work with pick and shovel, but one is able to see the progress.

Currently a lab in Cusco is investigating our site and advising us on proper building material.  They have helped us refine our concrete mix, so we not only have to rely on our past experience, but we have black and white results that help us achieve the required strengths needed for this building.

At the school, the electric and paint room were cleared.  These two areas were still missing the second covering and skirting board around the floors, which has now been started.  The school also lacked a cash room were payments can be made.  In order to safely install the necessary safe, a second wall was built.

May you all have a blessed weekend, Johannes

Building number 9 in the school garden

Building number 9 in the school garden

Everyone has time for a nice campfire.

Everyone has time for a nice campfire.

The safe is walled.

The safe is walled.

Better soil is distributed on the sports field.

Better soil is distributed on the sports field.

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