Interestingly and possibly a little sad for our family is that this is our third Easter away from family and away from our home culture in the United States. We did not dye eggs last night. We did not hide them and seek them today. And perhaps the strangest part is that our kids did not mention it a bit. They did not talk about egg hunts or candy. I don’t know if they even remembered, and they certainly did not miss them. I think I missed it all, and I think I was a little sad that they did not. What we did do is have a breakfast with all the missionaries. Then the mission invited all the local (very small) churches in our town to come together for an Easter service celebration at the school. The service ended with a foot washing as the missionaries washed the feet of the people we are here to serve. This is indeed a symbolic act, as most of us are not looked on as servants. We hold a place of esteem in our community as teachers, doctors, and frankly “white” people. It is an undeserved honor, but it is the way it is. So the missionaries washed the feet of those we came to serve. It is not the step down of humility it was for Jesus. He truly was more than his disciples while we are equal with those whose feet we were washing; yet hopefully it was picture of who Jesus was and is. And hopefully if demonstrated how we want to be seen in Curahuasi.

Easter service foot washing.

Easter service foot washing.

2 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Interesting service and about the kids and Easter. I sent them and you a card. Hope you get it soon. Easter here was less as I have aged – You need little ones hunting eggs and finding an Easter basket for it to seem the same.


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