Encouragement from Help

Encouragement comes in many forms.  One unexpected form of encouragement that we have received in our work here is the joy of having repeat visits from volunteers.  Tonight we had Dr. Rob Fisher, and anesthesiologist from Las Vegas, to our home for dinner.  He was here last year with his wife serving for three weeks, and he has just finished another two week assignment in the hospital.  It is weird that having someone come back to be a part of the work can lift your spirits, but it does.  It is like a stamp of approval that says “What I think your doing is important.  I want to be a part!  And in fact I like it so much I am going to keep coming back each year to be a part!”  Maybe it is because Rob is generous and encouraging that we are thankful for him.  But I think it is something more.  I think God works through us as we encourage one another.  Possibly by serving and helping one another the Holy Spirit has a platform from which it can amplify the encouragement.  I don’t know what it is, but I am thankful for people like Rob who come to help.

Dr. Rob Fisher teaching Peter new airplane designs.

Dr. Rob Fisher teaching Peter new airplane designs.

1 thought on “Encouragement from Help

  1. Thank you for sharing with us & being so honest about the ups & downs of mission life. These posts are such a testimony to our Gods awareness of our feelings & needs & a challenge to step out of comfort zone.


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