I think we are back . . .

I deleted a lot of posts from our blog, and I think that has fixed things.  I had to work on some of the widgets and hopefully we will be up and running smoothly.  If you are one of the rare persons who searches our blog for their favorite post in the past, it may not be there.  However, I think most will be there as I only had to delete some.  It has been an incredibly busy and somewhat stressful few weeks.  We have moved houses and we are thankful to God for the new place we find ourselves.  We are in town, which will hopefully allow us to connect with the people here a little better.  We can also be more involved with our church and other outreaches more easily.  We will miss the quiet and the reliable water of the country, but so far we have only run out of water once, and the next day we were up and going again.  It is interesting here, because the water is only on for a couple hours every morning.  If you don’t have a tank to fill (we have one) you are out of luck after about 7:30 AM.  I really am thankful we have a tank, and I wonder how the people do it who do not have one.  We are waiting on some furniture to be delivered that we have had made.  Our new house was unfurnished, so we have had to get all of our furniture made.  That is nice because it comes made the way you want it, but it is a challenge because sometimes it actually doesn’t come how you envisioned it, nor does it come at the time you thought it would.  It is about a month late at this point, so we are still living partially out of boxes in our living room and bedroom.  We have had good practice at patience, because our kitchen cabinets were ready about 3 months later than expected.  We still have a nice view of the mountains from our backyard which is a great blessing.  I praise God for his generosity in this, because we were going to miss seeing them every day.  The view from our old house was spectacular.  School has started.  Allison is teaching English to native Spanish speakers, and she is running up against the challenges of working cross culturally in a school where the basic education of the students has been lacking.  I am continuing to work in the hospital with enthusiasm at times, and other times a bit of burnout.  We are looking forward to a visit home this coming winter.  We should be home during the months of November 2015 through February 2016. We have been reviewing our contribution statements, and for those of you who support us we are so thankful.  It is a light in a sometimes dark season that encourages us and lets us know that you love us and trust us, and that God loves us and trusts us through you.  It encourages us to work hard for the faith you have put in us.  Thank you very much.

A more normal post in the future, but that is where we are currently with thoughts to be developed more fully in the future.

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