House Stuff

We have been working on a house for over four months.  We thought we would move in at the end of November.  Then we thought mid-December.  Then we decided to wait until after Christmas.  I though next weekend would be the day, but it looks like not yet.  Would you please pray that this work will be done soon.  It is a long slow process to put in a kitchen, hot water, re-wire electricity, fix leaking roofs and repair wet walls.  Workers show up sometimes, and sometimes they don’t.  I have been to the house many times waiting for 30 minutes to an hour for a worker that never shows up.  We have been paying rent on two places for 4 months now, and we hope that this ends soon.

One benefit . . . we are learning more about living in a culture like the Apurimac region of Peru.  Patience is something we are gaining experience in.

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