God Bless America

When we were in Costa Rica for language school, we experienced a true tropical paradise with the daily fresh fruit reminding us how great we had it.  We ate so much pineapple and citrus . . . we loved it.  Although we remain in the tropics, we now live at 9000 feet elevation.  So it is not the same.  We still have a lot of fresh produce, but the products are vegetables instead of fruit.  If you like potatoes or corn, you have it made.  Quinoa or grains, you are in luck.  Fresh fruit is available, but it is not like Costa Rica.  The apples are bite size.  The oranges are no bigger.  And then today we were in Cuzco and found this great fruit.

That picture is the fruit in our sink to be washed / cleaned of parasites.  Wow!  What great fruit!  And as we inspected it we noticed all the little stickers indicating it was from the good ole US of A.  We miss those great American seedless fruits (oranges and grapes, especially).  And what do you know?  You can get them right here in Peru, at the market in Cuzco!  God bless the USA!

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