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A local online magazine published an article about our little school here in Curahuasi.  Here is the first part of the article, with a picture including one of the best and brightest students in the school, front and center.  At the bottom is a link to the full article which also has some pictures by our friend Ryan Morigeau.

Diospi Suyana: A miracle for Curahuasi

Diversity found in the school is exemplary of its inclusive approach (Photo: Disopi)

Diversity found in the school is exemplary of its inclusive approach (Photo: Disopi)

December 19, 2014

By Roxana Garmendia

A district in the Apurimac region, Curahuasi has become the home to an innovative school and healthcare system thanks to a program run by a German couple.

Apurimac is a region one doesn’t hear much about despite its proximity to Cusco. Tourists – Peruvians and foreigners alike- tend to visit neighboring regions like Ayacucho, Cusco or Arequipa, rather than visit the land where ‘God talks’ – ‘Apu’ for God and ‘Rimac’ for talking. Likewise, most of the international assistance, including volunteer work by enthusiastic young men and women, goes inevitably to the Cusco Region. Nothing wrong with that, but perhaps we can take a closer look at Apurimac where assistance could translate into improved livelihoods of the local population, and be very much rewarding for the soul. . . .

You can read more at  Diospi Suyana: A Miracle for Curahuasi from the online magazine PeruThisWeek.

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