We had a great time!  The day was spent it with Lyndal from Australia, John and Viola Lentink from the Netherlands and Germany, and the evening was passed with our now traditional Christmas viewing of The Sound of Music.  Allison worked very hard all day, cooking, being happy, and giving us all a great Christmas meal.  We ate Alpaca steaks with the traditional sides for a Christmas turkey (stuffing, sweet potatoes, green beans, etc).  It all went surprisingly well together.  The Alpaca was from one of the hospital Alpacas that are kept to trim the grass.  The herd has grown, and it had to be thinned to maintain genetic stability.  As you might guess, the kids like the Alpacas and they have even given names to them.  So they were all hesitant to eat any of the meat, realizing that they were eating their “pets”.  Dessert was Pavlova, an Australian tradition, as well as apple pie and cinnamon ice cream! I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We were sad to not be home, but glad to be here with so many new, good friends.

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Christmas with friends.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. I am glad you had good company with you on Christmas. Is Viola’s baby coming soon? I watched Sound of Music, too. I think we could put together a cast from your family!


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