Culto de Navidad

We had a wonderful church service today.  We had a large attendance of both Peruvians and missionaries.  It is amazing how the people will show up when breakfast is provided.  Allison and her friend, Damaris Hassfeld, worked on gifts for all the kids.  Thanks again to our friend Deb Pullen we had ball caps to give to all the older kids, and beach ball globes to give to the younger ones.  We then filled christmas bags with candy, pencils, stickers, and other fun things.  As often happens in these type of events, more kids showed up than expected, and our kids sat out the gift receiving time and watched as the other kids enjoyed their presents.  They took it in stride, but as a parent you wonder how they feel when they are always the ones making the sacrifice of fun.  I assured them we would make it up to them in four days.  We shared a breakfast with all the members of the church, and since there is no school now, that meant that there was no homework waiting for us at the house.  So we could relax and take our time with everyone without concerns of how many hours we would be at the kitchen table later.  We are looking forward to our Christmas week.  I hope everyone out there is having a Merry Christmas.

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