Yesterday’s Ride with David by Annie Caire

When David and I went out on a bike ride we opened the gate and saw half of a jawbone! We took a good look at it, and then set off for our ride. We went to the store down in town and bought a sour gum called “Bobuloo”! We like this gum because it is sweet and sour. There is a man in our town called “El Canero” which means, the flute player. He always carries a flute in his hand, wears his cap backwards, and talks to himself. He is always drunk! That is why people are scared of him. He walked by the store where David and I were.  Our bikes were outside of the store. I was worried that he was going to steal our bikes and go. David was worried that he was going to come and buy Chicha, which is an alcoholic drink. The woman in the store told me and David not to be afraid of him because he won’t do anything if you act like nothing is happening, if you don’t stare at him and if you act normal. So then, once he was away, we set off again. I told David, “I sort of want to go home now.” He said that was OK and that he would go home with me. So while we were riding home, we went past the “street of the dogs”. There are so many dogs there! Peter’s enemy dog (we call the dogs we don’t like “enemy dogs”) – I didn’t think he was going to do anything, so I rode straight past him and he was very, very close to me. Suddenly I felt a tug. The mouth of a dog was pulling my favorite sweater, and it was that same dog! I looked back and saw that he thought it was a toy. He pulled and pulled until I pulled it out of his mouth. He put a hole in my sweater! After that I called for David. I started to cry. I was not hurt. I was just so scared! A guy that was sitting on his doorstep asked what was going on. David told him that I got scared, that I wasn’t hurt, that I was fine. The man understood. And then we kept on going. At the very end, as we were getting close to the house, David almost stepped on a very big bug. We thought it was a big bug, but it wasn’t just a big bug; it was two bugs. It was a bug that you sometimes see flying around the air in Curahuasi. And it was carrying a tarantula! David and I made it home safely this time. And also exhausted.

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8 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Ride with David by Annie Caire

  1. Oh Annie, You are so brave. You are brave to act “normal” and ignore a drunk man. You are brave to trust God with your bikes. You are brave to pull your sweater out of a dog’s mouth. You are brave to face big, ugly bugs. You are brave to write about it all. And what a good big brother you have in David. Thank you for sharing your story of a very scary day. We love you.


  2. I loved reading your story, Annie. You tell about interesting things from your own experience, and I can picture your life in Curahausi. Thank you for doing such a good job. I love you.


  3. Sweet Annie- wow- what a day you had!!! no wonder you were exhausted!!! But what great ways to trust God and now you have written about it- you will be able to remember!!! hugs to you!!!


  4. Annie,
    What an adventure and I think it started with the jawbone. If you ever see a jawbone again, do not ride into town and it is a good idea to remove the jawbone away from your gate. Although I am remembering a great bible story in Judges 15:16 Samson slew a 1000 Philistines…..maybe save that jawbone and use it on the dogs.



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