News from the hospital.

Some more news from the hospital.  There is always something going on around here.  Does anyone want to or have friends who want to work in radio in the mission field?

Media Center Diospi Suyana

Sllider Medienzentrum

Somewhere and at some point you have to start

From idea to sketch. From sketch to design. And then it starts. We have been wanting to establish Radio Diospi Suyana for many years. The space is available. An earmarked donation is available and engineer Johannes Bahr has offered his services. We now hope to find in the next few months suitable employees who have a willingness to lead in this area for at least several years.

The advantages of a private radio or television studio are obvious. Diospi Suyana could reach more people through the media in a single morning than it has in the past seven years. The current services offered could be announced over the radio. This would save many patients unnecessary trips and expense if a specialty they need is currently not offered at the hospital or a specialist is just on vacation.

The station could also transmit programs on issues of health, culture, and faith. We hope that Johannes Bahr can begin with excavation at the end of the rainy season.

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