We have shared a meal with David Sills who wrote this article.  In fact our son David listened to him speak and felt like David S. had cleared up some of his theology questions.  That is great, because I am often at a loss with David’s questions.  I am sure many of you parents can identify with that.  David Sills has a great article Missions Doesn’t Stop When a Group Has Been Reached that is worth a read.  We are some of those missionaries that are working in an area that is technically “reached”, meaning over 2% of the population are evangelical christians.  Our little town is especially reached through the influence of the hospital and the school.  However, all around us there are towns that have no presence of the good news of Christ, and many that have never even heard.  Much less have the people been taught the fundamental truths of the faith.  From the article . . .

most would agree that faithful obedience to the Great Commission and reaching the unreached is more than a matter of speaking the gospel message and moving on. But how much more? Jesus answered that question. He said to teach them to obey all he has commanded. That statement must not be abbreviated. The task of the Great Commission cannot be compared to running through a large darkened building, flipping on a few switches and announcing that they now have light even though thousands of other rooms leave most people in darkness. If that is all one understands reaching the unreached to mean, then we must agree that the great tragedy of the world today is not that it is unreached, but that it is undiscipled.

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