Education is the Key

As our time here has grown (humbly, I will admit it is just one year!) we are recognizing that education is the key to almost all change.  Kids are more open, they are more willing to learn, and they are humble.  It is the best opportunity to touch a community, not only for Christ, but also for the benefit of the people.  These kids can learn, grow, and reach potentials that they did not know they had and obtain possibilities that they did not know were open to them.  We are in the beginning of using education as part of our mission here in Curahuasi.  I think the Colegio Diospi Suyana is the most important ministry of our work!  I have posted videos of the Diospi Suyana school in the past, but as of yet they are not in English.  However I have videos of friends schools in other parts of the world.  Education is the key!  And people recognize this all over the world, and it can make a huge difference in the life of a kid and a community.  (Don’t forget we are still looking for teachers!)

Look what some friends from college are doing in Ft. Worth, Texas!

Look at what some other friends are doing in Thailand!  I have several great college friends teaching and helping to lead that school.

This is a school focused on education in Kenya!  We do not know kids there right now, but we have in the past!

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