Ebola is a Spiritual Battle – From Christianity Today

I have been challenged and touched by this article this morning.  It is an interview with a nurse that was in Liberia and contracted ebola.  Note how she continually refers to her trust in God and her love for the people of Liberia, and her patience with those who have poor understanding.  It is a great model for those of us wanting to serve God through things and times that are scary.  I think I find the ebola stories and survivors interesting because I wonder if I would have the courage to keep working in a dangerous environment, especially when I consider Allison and the kids.  Her is a quote from the article that gives a good example of its content.

I always felt safe going. I trusted the Lord that we were the hands and feet of Christ. I had experienced Christ’s peace way before I ever contracted Ebola. [After I got sick,] my relationship with the Lord deepened, knowing he was in control. He was in control of what was happening, and it was not a surprise to God. He has our days numbered.

You can read more at Christianity Today.  The article is Nancy Writebol: Ebola Is a Spiritual Battle

2 thoughts on “Ebola is a Spiritual Battle – From Christianity Today

  1. Will and Allie,
    Thank you for this post. Such a reminder of grace to me this morning as I sent Glenn back out to Presby and the Ebola battleground here in Dallas…. You guys are a blessing to us in your daily face toward Jesus approach. It is a rare gift to get to follow someone’s life like we get to follow yours through your posts. God bless you as you carry on. You are often in our thoughts and prayers. We still miss you!!


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