Test Week Again


Recess is especially important during test week.

Recess is especially important during test week.

This post is from last week, when we had very, very little Internet.  I’m thankful for a little Internet this morning!

This week our kids are taking their third round of quarterly tests. First of all, that means that they are ¾ of the way through the first and toughest year of Peruvian school. Hooray! School ends on December 19th and then we’ll be on vacation.

I am so proud of all the work they have done, the Spanish they have learned, the friends they have made. Each of them has grown so much personally. This week I have tried to help less than in quarters past, trying to help them figure out the translations on their own. I see with my own eyes how much they have learned in class. It is interesting that in the classes with their favorite teachers, they know the material better, despite the language barrier. A good teacher is a good teacher in any language.

Imagine that you went to take your kid’s exams with them. You would see how much they understood, studied, did their homework. You would also get an insight into different kinds of tests and testing philosophies. You would see how the teachers reviewed for tests. You would observe how the students acted during the testing. I also saw how much our kids miss during a class period because it is so easy to tune out a second language.  The whole experience has been very educational!

Please pray with us that God will send some excellent teachers to Curahuasi in the year to come. We need workers dedicated to Jesus, the kids of Diospi Suyana, and educating with excellence.

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