Running Club – Stephen Wright Makes a Difference

We are struggling with internet slowness.  We bought a post pay stick, because it is cheaper for the amount of GB you get, but it has turned out to be painfully slow.  Often, I cannot get even get Gmail to load.  However, we have refreshed our pre paid sticks, and we are ready to go again.  Here is a post from the Diospi Suyana Hospital website about our friend Stephen Wright from Tennessee.  He arrived about two months before we did to Curahuasi.  He is full of fun, full of laughter, and he really is great with kids.  He will also be our new next door neighbor when we move to our new house in the upcoming months.  If you look at the last picture of this post, you can see the front door of where we will be living soon.  Check out this post about the running club Stephen has started with the kids in town.

“The Runners” Club of Curahuasi


Dentist Stephen Wright inspires the children

Dr. Stephen Wright works as a dentist at Diospi Suyana Hospital. With his good sense of humor one is already grinning when he says “good day” each morning.  His friendly and fun nature easily attracts people, especially the children.  A year ago, Stephen founded a running club for the youth of Curahuasi.  Since the beginning, the group has steadily grown.  Usually runners train three times a week and occasionally the dentist organizes a real race.

Many children have no athletic shoes.  Instead, they run in their sandals, which have been made from old car tires. But this does not diminish the fun.  Meanwhile, the parents often come to the races and of course are pleased with the performance of their offspring.  For the award ceremony a wooden stool serves as the pedestal.

This running group is not considered a financially expensive proposition, but Stephen invests his time and attention for the kids and makes the whole thing a real success.  Before the races he gives a quick devotional thought and the children are all ears.

Uphill with an iron will

Uphill with an iron will

Number One (our new house is the white house with the brown door to the left in the background)

Number One (our new house is the white house with the brown door to the left in the background)

2 thoughts on “Running Club – Stephen Wright Makes a Difference

  1. Glad you are back with new posts. I love this story about Stephen and am forever grateful that he restored Peter’s front teeth about a year ago.
    How about some before, during, and after photos of the new house?


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