A call to love a little more

Mom and Dad wrangling the grandkids.  We were bribing them with gummy worms, but clearly it wasn't working!

Mom and Dad wrangling the grandkids. We were bribing them with gummy worms, but clearly it wasn’t working!

Today marks the third anniversary of my mom’s death. I know that absence makes the heart grow fonder and that there is a tendency to elevate the dead beyond what their living years deserve, but my mom was pretty wonderful. One thing I have been thinking about was her amazing ability to love. Yes, she was funny, adventurous, zany, energetic, and talented, but what made everyone feel like my mom’s dear friend was that she loved so well.

The five love languages? My mom was fluent in all five.

Time? Yep. She would sit down and listen and also she invited us into the things she was doing so that we could be together.

Gifts? Not crazy extravagant ones, but my mom took great pleasure in finding things that reminded her of her friends and family so she could have a “sussy” for the next time they saw one another. Mom’s gifts were always so thoughtful.

Service? Since a couple of friends are pregnant, Konika and I were talking about the help we received when we had our babies. Oh, man. My mom did so many wonderful things for us—meals, laundry, finding the newest Caire absolutely beautiful, cleaning, errand running.

Touch? Now I’m crying, but she gave really nice hugs.

Encouraging words? Mom wrote me a letter every week while I was in college. Every week. Her words and the sincere belief behind them had a Pygmalion effect, making us into better wives, daughters, moms, friends, husbands, sons, and fathers.

I write this blog not for sympathy, because feel I nothing but gratitude for having had such a mom. I write because a person like my mom deserves honor and remembrance and I write because we all need a push to splash some love like a sweet perfume on those around us. A gentle compelling plea to try an expression of love you don’t normally employ and bless someone.

15 thoughts on “A call to love a little more

  1. Such beautiful words, Allison, to honor a truly amazing person. She used the gifts God gave her better than anyone I’ve ever known. She gave us an avocado masher because she knew we loved guacamole…I think of her whenever I use it. She came over when we moved to help us organize our pantry, and I can’t throw away some spice jars she labeled because I love seeing her handwriting. She gave me a shower for my first-born. She cooked for us on so many occasions. I could think of a thousand more examples of the way she served me, and I’m just one of many. I’m so very thankful to have known Margaret.


  2. Oh, Allison — what a wonderful tribute to your mom! I had been thinking about her so much today, (both smiling and crying) and when I read your comment I was blessed, indeed. We are all the richer for having had her in our lives, and I thank Jesus for the sweet gift she was to me. I also thank Him for the reflection of her that I see in you!
    Love you, Lana


  3. She was precious. I’m so thankful my sister married into your wonderful family and had the blessing of a mother-in-law like Margaret. She sent me a beautiful antique door knob once as she had heard us talking about how much we liked them. You are blessed to carry on her legacy of splashing a little love around with your work there and this amazing blog!


  4. Even though I never knew her…. I know the product of her love by seeing you all and your sweet children! Had me in tears and was/is a wonderful call to love others in such small and truly meaningful ways! I feel itall the more as my daughters are now grown and married and I have two wonderful son in laws that I think the world of! Want all of them to know that love as it makes this journey here on earth much sweeter. Thank you for your good words-prayers for all as always and hugs!!


  5. So many times I would love to pick up my phone and call your mom to meet me in Grapevine for lunch and a talk! We had so many sweet conversations, all of them seemed to turn to Jesus! So thankful for the big sister she was to me!


  6. Have been thinking of your sweet mom, my dear friend. She so blessed my life. Think of her often with a spirit of gratefulness

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  7. I have been thinking about you so much lately. I feel like I have your mom to thank for so many things but one of the biggest was bringing you back into my life! I see so much of your mom in you and am so very thankful that God blessed me with a friendship as amazing as yours! I love you friend and only wish I could hug your sweet neck right now! I love you!!!


  8. Beautifully written Allison! I never knew your mom either, but reading what you have written I certainly feel like I know her through you. Obviously she was a great teacher because reading what you described sounded a lot like you 🙂 Love and hugs my dear friend!


  9. Allison,
    So many wonderful words and thoughts about your mom! My favorite part is what you said about how she “made everyone feel like her dear friend because she loved so well.” That was so true of Margaret and perhaps the purest reflection of our Lord Jesus. Holy Father, let this be the most present and prominent characteristic of your people! Blessings on your special day, sweet friend, and all your daily rememberances, too.


  10. Allison, Your mom had an incredible way of letting all know her deep loves. Early today, I thought of her and the way she touched my life. I knew her for less that five years, but today on the fifth anniversary of her eternal homecoming, I am remembering and still blessed because of her life and her love for her Lord, family, and friends. I thank the Lord for His example and reminder, through your Mom, to be a fragrant offering and “splash” of His perfume to other through love. Warmly, Liz


  11. Such sweet remembering is ALWAYS good- for all. I heard recently that if our lives touch even one other person in a special way that they will always live on ….. sweet memories!!! and I see so much of her in you! what a sweet legacy- love and prayers!


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