Hospital Paseo

This past weekend we had a hospital retreat/paseo of sorts.  This retreat is focused on the national staff that work at the hospital, but we missionaries participate as well.  It is here in Curahuasi, and it is a day of enjoying each others company, Peruvian style.  In Curahuasi, that means a half day of sports, and then an afternoon of food.  It was enjoyable, although I was on call that day, and actually very busy.  While I shuttled back and forth from the paseo to the hospital, I alternated between sick patients (including one motorcycle wreck where the young man suffered a skull fracture, a cervical spine fracture (thankfully without paralysis) and had his intestines eviscerated) and the paseo where I was humbled trying to play soccer at 8500 feet elevation without any training or really any skill.  At lunch Jens Hassfeld shared a few thoughts and a short prayer reminding us that we are all one in Christ.  Lomo Saltado was served, my favorite Peruvian dish.

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