One Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked one year since we boarded the plane in Dallas and flew to Peru. Our family celebrated with pizza and chocolate cake and thanking God for all that we’ve learned in the last year.

One thing I have learned is that, for a lot of missionaries, including the ones writing this blog, there is a small cloud of temptation hovering on the horizon to “chuck it all and go home.” There are many things we miss and life is just so much more comfortable in the States. Things are hard, we’re not adjusting to the culture, we don’t want to deal with a situation, the family feels stressed, and I think, “We could just go back to our old lives.” I forget that there were stresses and things I didn’t want to face back home too. I don’t forget that God called us here, but sometimes I wonder, “When will we know if we’ve done all we were called to do here?”

Some of our friends have had really tough health situations and they are going home, after much prayer (we think they should). Their leaving has made the temptation seem more real—you can just tie up all your loose ends and get on a plane. But it also highlights the pressure we are under, how the accuser of the brothers would love for all of us to just throw in the towel when things get tough. In your hard places, too, he wants you to stop trying. Please pray for our family and for all the missionaries your support and love to have perseverance and to hear the siren call of our chosen country rather than our birth country.

5 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Love your honesty. Looking at your pictures your family is always full of smiles and contentment. But it is true that where ever we are life is sometimes hard.

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  2. Precious friends — thanks for letting us know specific ways to pray for you; your commitment to persevere is a punch in the nose to the old enemy! Obedience is so powerful — but it is also so DAILY. But the thing is, every day of that daily obedience is making you look more like Jesus — shine on, you beautiful people!
    Love you dearly,

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  3. I will be praying for y’all. We would love to have you home but we know God is doing great things through you there. What an awesome impact you are making for eternity. David and I think of you so often as we wrestle with our future and where God is leading us. You are making a difference in the lives of so many–even ones you may not know about. Love y’all!!

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  4. I love your honesty. It makes the truth of what you do so real. Will be praying for Gods will to be true in your life. Much love to your family.


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