Missing our Kitchen Help

I am feeling nostalgic for some great interns we had this past summer!  I hope you guys are doing well and school is going great.

Lydia, Austin, and the family

Lydia, Austin, and the family

The day this picture was taken was not the best week in the Caire house.  Allison was down with a flu-like illness.  I think this is the only time she stepped foot outside the house for a week.  The kids were going crazy, because we were all trapped in the house without being able to do much with Allison so sick.  One great thing that made up for our guests leaving was that my mother was there to share the load with us!  I think I was feeling a little down because Austin had beat me at the game “Hive” a few times.  I am working on my strategy for a rematch someday.  We are standing at the taxi stop in Curahuasi.  The best system of transportation in Peru is the taxi system.  Every town has a taxi stop where you can get in a taxi that you can share with strangers, and it will drive you to the stop in the next major town.  If you taxi is not full, it may stop along the way and pick up people along the highway who are trying to find a ride.  And the ride is surprisingly cheap.  A seat in a small taxi, where you share the car with three others not including the driver, costs each passenger around 15 soles.  That means you can drive in a taxi between Curahuasi and Cuzco for about 6 US dollars.  That is a deal!

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