God Will Fill the Hole

God always fills the holes that arrive.  He will not let his work fail according to his purposes.  We see little evidences of this in our work here in Curahuasi.  Needs arise, and God fills the need.  I know that he does this in our lives, and he does it in yours as well.  I believe he does it in believers as well as non-believers.  He is good to all!  From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

A Dream Woman for Six Months

Slider Kathrin

Of course, to order

The furlough of Stefan and Tabea Seiler is six months.  And of course, when the administration supervisor is gone, it leaves a big gap for the hospital. Though the working staff of Diospi Suyana grows from year to year, the administration has been able to keep pace with this rapid development.  Consequently, the burden of finance and human resources rests on only a few shoulders.  Therefore, it is no surprise that this emergency situation gave rise to many prayers.

Then Marion Hofmann had a glorious idea.  She secretly and quietly sent an email to Kathrin Thomas, who was sitting in a Weinheimer company in their administration department.  She had been wondering what was in store for her life.  If you, the reader, are familiar with Diospi Suyana, then you probably know how the story goes.  You guessed it.

Kathrin Thomas handed in her work notice, parked her car, and bought a plane ticket to South America.  She immediately was willing to stand in for 6 months, where plenty of files awaited her.  So brilliantly, simple life can be.

We gladly look forward to six long months with our dream woman.  We call Kathrin that because having someone come help us during this difficult time was a dream come true.

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