The Witnesses Go Home

Us with the witnesses.  L to R: Lydia, Annie, David, Will, Peter, Allison, Sarah, Austin

Us with the witnesses celebrating Peter’s birthday. L to R: Lydia, Annie, David, Will, Peter, Allison, Sarah, Austin

We were blessed to have these two awesome ACU students with us over the summer.  Yesterday they left Curahuasi for the last time, and today they are flying home from Cuzco. We are thankful to both of them for coming and sharing a summer with us.  We learned a lot about being willing to help in any circumstance, even if it is not exactly what you may have imagined or thought it would be.  Both Austin and Lydia are pre-medicine students, but they probably spent more time working with the school and with kids.  Yet they did it willingly, jumping in wherever they were needed. Their service demonstrates a lot of humility and the heart of the greatest servant of all, Jesus Christ.  Austin joined me in many board games, giving me a worthy and fun challenge playing Hive.  Lydia helped Allison as well as many other of the missionary wives serving wherever and whenever she could.  Basically they were friends to us, our kids, the other missionaries, and the kids in town; everyone can always use more friends!  Thank you both for coming, and I hope and pray that the upcoming year will be a great one in Abilene, God’s country!  You will be missed by us all.

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