Update on Peter

DSC_0519Thank you, thank you to all of you who prayed for Peter and to those of you who checked up on him too. I am happy to report that Peter is doing better. It was a long road to wellness, but he started eating again about two or three weeks ago, pretty soon after I had asked for your prayers. Bacon was his turning point. In an effort to up his protein, I started cooking bacon. After lots of bacon, we noticed that he had his appetite back. Praise God! He has been eating his usual small amount and doesn’t suffer from stomach upset like he had been for months.

Since we were concerned about his being so far off the growth curve for his age, we had an x-ray of Peter’s hand sent to Lima for evaluation. We got the best results for our concerns: he has the bone age of a seven year old. This means that all his measurements are just delayed, not that he is ten years old in some measurements and not in others. His mother was a very late bloomer, so this news is comforting. Please continue to pray with us that he will grow and develop normally in his own time and that God will protect him from other stomach troubles/ parasites/ infections. Thank you so much for carrying our burdens.



4 thoughts on “Update on Peter

  1. Great news! We are very relieved to hear that Peter is feeling better. Perhaps there is some truth to that silly song, “just slap some bacon on it!”. Whatever the case, we praise God for a good report and improved appetite.




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