Small Groups

There are many small groups associated with the hospital.  These groups are intended for the mutual encouragement of the missionaries, and in general people go to small groups where their native language is spoken.  Most of the groups meet on Wednesday nights, but our group, full of young kids, has its meeting on Friday nights so that we are not worried as much about how much sleep everyone is getting before a school day.  We share a meal, laugh and talk, sing songs, pray, and usually study a book of the Bible.  It is a blessing to have this time, and even though often on Friday afternoon, I am thinking to myself “Please, lets just cancel so I can rest.”; I am always glad during and afterward that we have pushed through.  I think that God uses this time to encourage us all and to remind us that we are not alone as we feel like strangers in a strange land.  Here is an article from the Diospi Suyana Hospital website regarding the small groups.  The pictures are from a primarily German speaking group.

Open and HonestSlider-Hauskreis-900x413

Exchanging ideas and enjoying fellowship in a Bible study group

Many of our staff meet weekly in small groups where together they laugh, prepare a meal, sing, share and, of course, pray.  The language spoken depends on the mix of those who attend i.e. there are home Bible study groups taking place in Spanish, English and German.

Dominik Huettner with his guitar. While the room may not meet everyone’s liking, the atmosphere certainly does.

Dominik Huettner with his guitar. While the room may not meet everyone’s liking, the atmosphere certainly does.

If this concept of a home study group appeals to you, why not contact your local church?  Maybe a similar Bible study group is already waiting for you to join them.For everyone it’s a time to relax, to get rid of frustrations, and encouraging one another. All of that is possible in a home Bible study group. Together we spend time thinking about how to live out the truth of our faith in daily life.

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