Summer Missionary Interns

Austin, Annie, Lydia, and Sarah, heading off to work and school

Austin, Annie, Lydia, and Sarah, heading off to work and school

Nearly a month ago, I wrote the following blog: We were glad to welcome Austin McCuistion and Lydia Brown, our summer missionary interns, last week.  They are here as part of ACU’s World Wide Witness program and they chose our mission because they are considering medical missions in the future.  They are each kind, helpful and considerate, ready to serve and learn.  They are also both tall and blonde and have been mistaken for Germans several times in town!  Blessedly, they like to take long walks, enjoy the mountains, and are good elementary-school kid listeners.  Thank you, God!  Please pray for God’s guidance and help as they try to serve in the community here.

We have very much enjoyed having this pair of college students here this last month.  (No, they are not a couple, as everyone asks, poor things!)  They have plunged right in and have taken every opportunity given to them.  Right now, Lydia is at the hospital baking bread with our friend Konika.  She goes every Tuesday from 5:30 until 10:30 a.m. and bakes five hundred or so rolls and many loaves of bread.  Austin is having his “in the clinic with Will” day.  They have counted pills in the pharmacy, helped out in the Kids’ Clubs in the city, and helped me teach/ corral my English class.  Austin helps with math tutoring and P.E. classes.  Lydia spends half a day doing whatever a young missionary mom here needs.  They hosted Friday night English speakers’ Bible study in our absence, preparing homemade tortillas, salsa, guacamole, and even key lime pie all by themselves. They have helped the Morigeaus with their out of town Kids’ Clubs and Sunday schools.  They have hiked up our mountains.  They have prayed for our family and have washed our dishes.  They have done some serious, overnight babysitting.  Lydia runs nearly every morning with Ari Cale, a young single American doctor who I’m sure enjoys a new friend.  Austin has befriended Christopher, a German university student here when the other German volunteers are mostly gone.  It is cool to watch God’s plans for their summer develop and to see how many people He is able to touch and help through them.  I am proud of them for their willingness, flexibility, and adaptability.  Their parents should be proud of the fine young people that they are.  It makes Will and I love ACU and its students even more.  It has been a privilege to witness Christ in them.  More on this subject tomorrow…

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