Cusco Getaway

Marriage has been good to us.

Marriage has been good to us.

Because our summer/winter interns (more on them coming up this week) generously offered to keep our kids, Will and I headed to Cusco this weekend for an overnight trip. It is a real blessing to live in the country, on the side of an amazing mountain, but only three-ish hours away from a wonderful, vibrant, historic city. We love to eat out at restaurants and walk through the ancient part of the city center. I tried on a few more sweaters than Will might have liked and we checked out yet another old-Spanish-courtyard hotel.

Almost all the missionaries in Curahuasi travel to Cusco regularly to have a little modernity, grocery variety, and to get cash (you have to sell something here to earn cash). This weekend was very popular– we saw eleven people from our ministry! We drove down with Konika and Nolan Wright (it was their anniversary trip) and we drove back with our next door neighbors, John and Viola Lentink. The drive is curvy and long, and now that they are doing repairs on the highway, the road is open from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m and for fifteen minutes at 9:00, 12:00, and 3:00, so you must time your travels accordingly and be prepared for delays. The point is, going with friends makes the time go more quickly and helps us get to know our coworkers too. What a marvelous thing to learn what God is doing in the lives of the people here. We are thankful to Austin and Lydia for the babysitting and to you for the support to be able to spend a night away.

2 thoughts on “Cusco Getaway

  1. What a great picture! Allison I love your hair. Makes me think of your mom. Glad you two got to spend some time together. So good for you both.


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