The Day the Circus Came To Town

Sometimes I feel like I am traveling back in time.  Last week a small traveling circus came to town.  I had no idea it was coming until a patient came to my consultorio.  He was a nice looking young father with his daughter.  They proceeded to tell me that they were part of the circus and that they would be performing in town for a few days.  I treated his daughter , and I thought to myself “Maybe I will go and see this circus performance.”  Later, we heard there were going to be lions, and we decided “Let’s go!”  It was under a big tent, but it felt small in regards to how a circus feels in the US.  This was not the Ringling Bros.  It was a much smaller show, but more intimate.  Every seat was a good seat, if not comfortable.  It turns out the man who had been in my clinic was a lion tamer, a trapeze artist, and a unicycle rider.  Because I had taken care of his daughter, we got moved up to VIP.  That felt awkward, because we were the only ones seated in that section, but it was a nice gesture.  Did you know lions have a very strong scent?  I didn’t either, but it can be overwhelming if the big top is not very big.  We enjoyed the show, although we thought the clown skits were a bit long.  The next day, I was pleased to have a few of the performers come through the office for visits.  It turns out this is a family affair, and all of them are related by birth or marriage.  It really was a small traveling family circus.

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