This is Peru – Chapter 3 – “Poor Bunnies”

The Reids came and gave us “a lot of candy!”. Those candies were so good and special because it was candy from the U.S.A. Then we left for five days to see Incan ruins. We fed the bunnies. Then we called someone to feed Inka. We “forgot about the bunnies!!” Then we left. The incan ruins were awesome. I had never seen something cooler except for that one time when me and Elsa were praying and one minute later our prayer came true or that one time . . . well many that was the coolest thing that happened. Anyway, Chloe and Benjamin were so fun to play with and I thought we were going to have the funnest month of my life until I got home. My Mom said in Spanish “un conejo está muerto!” Dad said “No!” I said “Mom, you know I know Spanish. You said a bunny is dead!” When I went past the house I said “A bunny is dead!” Once me, Sarah, and David got to the cage, David went in then came out and said “Oh, That’s dead alright!” But I wanted to know how it was, and I could not believe my eyes . . . (stay tuned for Chapter 4 – “A Sad Afternoon”)

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