This is Peru by Annie Caire – Chapter 2 – “Bunnies”

We went to the river and came back with bunnies and ate pizza for dinner.  Before dinner we played with our bunnies.  At the river we caught tadpoles.  We are going to watch them turn into frogs and at the river I was in the water and I slipped and fell.  I got soaked and also my shoe fell off.  I said “Mom! My shoe! My shoe!”  My shoe was in the river and I could not run after it because I had one shoe on and one off.  But David ran after it and caught it. I thought I would be going home soaked and without a shoe, but David caught my shoe and I was drying after that.  We went on a long bike ride and got bunnies.  Around the sand box we put boxes and are the sand box a plaza and the boxes the houses.  We we got inside we saw our tadpoles in a little glass tray.  They thought they were still in the river.  During dinner I felt sick so I did not eat or dry dishes or have game night.  I felt better after.  That was the best day of the month.

3 thoughts on “This is Peru by Annie Caire – Chapter 2 – “Bunnies”

  1. What an exciting day, Annie! Good for David that he caught your shoe before it got away. I hope you have fun with the bunnies and tadpoles.


  2. Annie, Olivia wants a frog for her birthday! I think the two of you should send emails and talk about your frog experiences. I don’t know if we can get a tadpole but that sounds cool! Hope you are feeling better. Love, Aunt Jenna




  3. Its great that day was the best day of the month! we used to have tadpoles but, we’re terrible with pets so they died because we didn’t feed them enough!thanks for writing the story for me!!
    -Madeline Graves


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