This is Peru by Annie Caire – Chapter 1

This is the beginning of a book that Annie is writing about life in Peru.

This is Peru

This is a story for my friends Madeline, Katie, and cousins Olivia, Augustus, Emery, Caden, Adie, Isaac, and Eden.  My new favorite sport is surfing.  Now I can surf, and my brother can too.  But only me and my brother.  But, I think you want to know about Peru.  Well there are pig heads in the market and a carnival in March.  All the Peruvians will shoot water guns at you.  Do you want to hear about our house?  I wrote this book in my fort under the stairs, but there are shelves so I have to climb up to the top of one.  I will do my homework sometimes and write books and do things like that.  I have four books.  Our dog, you have to know about our dog!  Inca is our dog.  He will howl when we leave.  He loves to play in our backyard.  Our backyard is as big as a church in Peru.  Sometimes bigger.  And friends . . . we have more friends than you think.  We have Ari, Luz, Sydney, Benjamin, Noah, Ocean, Celi, Leoni, Sharmely, Gudo, Kirsten . . . I cannot name them all.  We are also going to get bunnies today or tomorrow.

(This was written before we had bunnies.)  Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

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