Would you please pray for Mr. Cool?

IMG_1346We love Peter.  He gives us all a laugh when he dances.  He loves everything growing.  He says really sensitive things out of the clear blue sky.  We want him to be well.  He has struggled with stomach illness for two months.  He went through a battery of tests this week in the hospital and he has an infection in his intestines.  He is being treated with more antibiotics, and we have treated him over the last several weeks with all the parasite medicine we can find.  He is off the growth chart, so he needs to gain weight, but with chronic diarrhea, it is a little hard.  We are careful about cleaning everything we eat, we are trying to protect everyone, but it seems like Peter just keeps going through the same thing.  Would you pray with us for God to heal his system and protect him from future infections? He has been having arthritic pain this week, which can happen after a GI illness, so that has been an added source of worry for his parents.  We really do appreciate your prayers!

10 thoughts on “Would you please pray for Mr. Cool?

  1. Oh you know I will be praying for this! You know how I hate tummy issues! Sweet Peter! I am so sorry! I pray that the Lord will bless him with quick and lasting healing!

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  2. The Lotze family will be praying specifically for Peter and his tummy illness. We pray for healing and relief and weight gain! We also pray for a calmness and peace for you, Will and Allison. It is so hard to see your children suffering. Sending big Texas love you way!

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