The Story of the Kid’s Clubs

This is a very important ministry of Diospi Suyana.  Hopefully it will help change a generation for the sake of the gospel.  From the Diospi Suyana Hospital website.

The Diospi Suyana Kids Clubs

Kids Clubs

Kids Clubs

In November 2005, Lyndal Maxwell, from Australia, and Dr. Martina John founded the first Diospi Suyana kids club. The program is similar to the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. Under supervision, children learned different skills and crafts, and they sang enthusiastically and heard stories from the Bible. They quickly understood God’s love in their own lives, which gave them value and dignity.

Even if their parents fought at home and they witnessed domestic violence or alcohol abuse, these poor living conditions would no longer dictate their future for the rest of their lives. With God, there was a hope and love specifically for them.

What began as a small group quickly expanded to 40-50 children on the street, because Lyndal´s living room could no longer fit the growing group.

Now, in 2014, there are 11 children’s clubs under the roof of Diospi Suyana. 400 children are educated, encouraged, and supported. The volunteers from abroad as well as many Peruvian colleagues contribute their time and energy in the preparation and implementation of these meetings for the children. In this way, during the last eight years, thousands of boys and girls have been well cared for.

In April 2012, a building housing the Kids Clubs was opened with an inaugural ceremony. Under the design and implementation of Udo Klemenz, a modern infrastructure was built with group rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, a large green space for games, and a small amphitheater for 100 children.

Inauguration of the house for the Kids Clubs in April of 2012

Inauguration of the house for the Kids Clubs in April of 2012

1 thought on “The Story of the Kid’s Clubs

  1. Hey Lyndal – is that really you? Yeah I know it is 🙂 Just came across an article about Diospi Suyana by chance – well, not by chance really because we all know all things that happen are a part of God’s great plan. Can’t begin to imagine how fulfilling your life must be. Just searching around to see how I can help out a little. Praying for great blessing, strength and prosperity for you in your calling. Love to hear more about your work.


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